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The Benefits of Choosing Professional Tree Surgeons in Cranleigh

Also known as arborists, tree surgeons trade as certified specialists who look after both individual and groups of trees. They have an in-depth knowledge of different tree species, including how to care for them, and how to use the equipment needed for safe tree surgery, hedge cutting and stump grinding activities. There are many good reasons to hire our tree surgeons for work at your Cranleigh property, or to supply you with firewood.

At K. Shepherd & Son, we have excellent relationships with customers in the Cranleigh area and we’d love for you to become a customer too. Our customers benefit from a combined tree surgery and hedge cutting service where their needs always matter.

All tree surgeons on our team have the appropriate training, accreditation and certification.

Experience and Equipment

To provide the best care for trees, tree surgeons need a good understanding of native species, access to modern equipment, and training in how to use that equipment safely. By only choosing the most experienced and best-qualified arborists for tree surgery in Cranleigh, you receive the most attentive levels of care for all species on your land or property.

Different trees (or different hedges, if you intend to use our hedge cutting services) require different types of care. We cover everything from formative pruning to stump grinding.

Safe Working Practices

Tree and hedge cutting work can be a dangerous business, so safety plays an essential part in the training of our tree surgeons. When using chainsaws for tree surgery and felling, stump grinding machinery for remnant removals, or chippers for making firewood, our reputable tree surgeons follow strict health and safety legislation governing the arboricultural sector.

This ensures the safety, not only of property in the Cranleigh areas, but to those who use it, the general public and our own personnel.

Quality of Workmanship

You will not be able to get the same levels of workmanship without hiring professional tree surgeons. Care, attention-to-detail and quality only come with many years of experience, and with the right training in modern tree surgery and hedge cutting practices.

Great workmanship is essential to a great reputation so, whether we are felling, stump grinding or delivering firewood to Cranleigh, we put the levels of effort into it all.

Broad Service Range

Here at K. Shepherd & Son, like most tree surgery companies, we can help with all types of arboricultural work around your home, land or business properties, as well as offering additional services. Hedge cutting and stump grinding are two such additional services, but moreover, did you know that we can provide you with site clearance services, or that we supply firewood, to customers in Cranleigh, that is derived from our own work?

We’re more than just tree surgeons. We are an all-in-one service provider with the solutions you need to keep your property looking pristine across all four seasons.

Tidy and Considerate

Once work has been completed, good tree surgeons should provide a clean-up service, leaving properties in a tidy condition. Our team arrive at their assignments in Cranleigh equipped with chainsaws, stump grinding machinery, woodchippers, mulchers and hedge cutting tools, so of course we’ll create some mess along the way.

What’s important is that we ensure that your property is cleared quickly to make it safe. We season the timber procured from our tree surgery work and sell it as firewood at a competitive price.

Why Choose K Shepherd & Son Tree Surgeons?

K. Shepherd & Son is a family-run business with the tree surgery, stump grinding and hedge cutting services you need to keep Cranleigh properties in a safe, tidy and useable condition. Our team of qualified tree surgeons has over 60 years of combined experience, and a passion for arboriculture that continues to run deep in our veins passed from generation to generation.

We have the skills, equipment and resources that are required to undertake projects of any size, from delivering full or half loads of firewood to our domestic customers to felling entire areas of forestry and woodland for commercial clients.

Please contact us for a free quotation.

Call K. Shepherd & Son on 01483 428 956 or 07860 698 655. Located in Godalming, our tree surgeons cover the surrounding Cranleigh area.