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Tree Surgery in Farnham | How Tree Surgeons Can Improve Your Garden Aesthetics

Has your garden become overgrown and shabby or are you thinking of finally turning your dream garden into a reality? Whether you want to smarten up or transform your space, K. Shepherd & Son provide a range of professional tree surgery services to help. Our tree surgeons have a proven record for improving garden aesthetics in Farnham with expert tree felling, crown reduction, stump grinding, hedge cutting and much more. What’s more, if your new garden has an outside socialising space, we also sell firewood, perfect for those wood burners and fire pits.

At K. Shepherd & Son, we have more than 6 decades of arboriculture experience, so you have peace of mind that your garden and property are in safe hands. Below, we look at some of the ways our tree surgery services could improve your garden’s aesthetics.

How Our Tree Surgeons Improve Garden Appearance

Stump Grinding

Whether we fell a tree in your garden, or you have had one removed in years prior, the process leaves behind a stump. If you’ve had a tree stump in your Farnham garden for some time, you probably don’t need us to tell you how unsightly and dangerous it is. Unless a stump is removed immediately after a tree felling, they often linger as garden features and continue to stay on the ‘to-do list’ for years to come.

Fortunately, our tree surgeons like to make light work of these ugly remnants. Making use of the latest in stump grinding machinery, the stump is ground down to a safe level below the soil and the hole backfilled with the chippings, leaving what remains out of sight.

Following the stump grinding process, your garden will immediately have an improved appearance and by removing the trip hazard, a noticeable improvement in safety too, giving you instant peace of mind.

Firewood Supply

Whilst tree surgery and hedge cutting alter the physical nature of your garden, you can create a cosy evening ambience with a range of features that burn firewood. Be it a fire pit, outdoor fireplace or chiminea, you can benefit from a garden that looks stunning in the daylight but also has practical use at night. Our tree surgeons regularly work with Farnham property owners who either plan to undertake, or already benefit from, a garden overhaul.

With a place to sit and relax with family and friends in front of burning firewood, you can transform your lifestyle by spending more time outside. This also has numerous physical and mental health benefits too!

As an added bonus, our firewood comes in the form of seasoned logs responsibly sourced from our own tree surgery services.

Hedge Cutting

Much like stump grinding, hedge cutting by experienced professionals never fails to produce a more visually appealing result. Hedges often sit in prominent positions as key garden features at both the front and rear of a property and it’s no different in the Farnham area where our tree surgeons encounter hedges requiring their love and attention.

Due to this placement, it doesn’t take much for your hedge to become an eyesore. If you miss one or two windows for trimming, it soon becomes wild and shaggy and detracts from the aesthetic of your garden and entire property. Overgrowing hedges have been known to start disputes with neighbours as well as to lower the value of a property.

K. Shepherd & Son carries out hedge cutting services following guidelines in the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 as well as in line with your requirements ensuring a neat and tidy finish for your hedge all year-round.

Tree Surgery

Our wide range of tree surgery services cover every aspect of transforming your garden’s appearance. For example, crown reduction, lifting and thinning improve the aesthetics of trees while increasing the amount of sunlight reaching the spaces around them.

On a larger scale, sectional dismantling and directional felling remove trees entirely, changing the face of your garden in Farnham. This not only creates more space for landscaping projects, it also allows us to take advantage of the opportunity to recycle waste materials as firewood.

From stump grinding to hedge cutting, the tree surgeons at K. Shepherd & Son have the expertise to transform your garden in line with your unique specifications.

Call 01483 428 956 or 07860 698 655 to find out how our tree surgeons can improve the aesthetics of your garden in Farnham.