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Hedge Cutting, Trimming and More in Godalming

Here at K Shepherd & Son in Godalming, we are here to cover all your tree surgery needs.


Our services include the following:


  • Tree Felling and Dismantling
  • Tree Pruning and Maintenance
  • Crown Reduction and Reshaping
  • Hedge Cutting, Trimming and Maintenance
  • Crown Lifting
  • Crown Thinning
  • Dead Wood Removal



Tree Felling and Dismantling


The tree surgeons at K Shepherd & Sons are experts in felling and dismantling trees. This is the case no matter how large, awkward or dangerous these trees may be. We also have the skills to undertake this work within confined spaces and do so on a regular basis in and around Godalming.

We also use a variety of tree removal methods. These include directional felling, sectional dismantling, specialist winch operations, or the use of cranes and other specialist heavy duty machinery. The method we use will depend on the nature of the task at hand. For more information, please get in touch.



Tree Maintenance and Pruning


K Shepherd & Son performs it comprehensive tree pruning and tree maintenance services in accordance to BS 3998: 2010 Tree Work Recommendations. We can undertake all forms of pruning. This includes formative pruning to take control of the tree's growth at an early stage in its development in order to reduce the need for heavy pruning in the future.



Stump Grinding and Removal


As responsible tree surgeons, we use specialist lawn-friendly stump grinding machines to grind tree stumps across Godalming into mulch. These machines will remove stumps between six and 12 inches below ground level.


We then use the mulch to fill the hole to ground level, which helps restore the grass or flower bed, or make it level so that it can be paved over. We use various stump grinding machines to remove stumps of different sizes, or in locations within Godalming that are difficult to access.



Hedge Cutting


Here at K Shepherd & Son of Godalming, we have been hedge cutting since the 1950s and take great pride in the outstanding quality of our work. Our 360 grab machines are mid mounted which allows us to perform large-scale hedge cutting  in front of the cab for an unrivalled view of work, as well as extra stability. These machines allow continuous forward and reverse for extra efficiency.


For professional tree surgery in or around Godalming, please call K Shepherd & Sons on 01483 428 956 or 07860 698 655!

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