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Tree Surgery in Godalming | 4 Signs You Have an Unsafe Tree

As tree surgeons with over 6 decades of arboriculture experience, K. Shepherd & Son provides a complete range of services with a focus on safety. While this includes performing tree surgery, hedge cutting and stump grinding in full compliance with HSE regulations, it also ensures protection against unsafe trees. This safeguards you, your family, your property, your neighbours, their property and the general public in Godalming.


At K. Shepherd & Son we cover everything from crown work to firewood supply. As such, our team understands trees of all species, from their growing patterns to signs of decline. Finding unsafe trees before they become a genuine safety risk remains vital. Below, we have listed 4 of the most common signs that show your tree has become a risk.


How to Spot an Unsafe Tree




Of course, trees will often lean in the wind, but they also return to their normal position when the gusts die down. However, if you have trees on land with a lack of cover, this can become a problem. With nothing to protect them from the elements, high wind speeds can cause trees to lean more in one direction over time. Eventually, this results in uprooting.


Of course, a falling tree poses a huge risk to personal safety and property. Our tree surgeons undertake the necessary tree surgery services to rectify such problems in the Godalming area. In cases where the tree is beyond saving, we can fell it safely and reuse it for firewood. K. Shepherd & Son can also perform stump grinding to remove all traces of the tree.


Dead Branches


You don’t need to be an expert in tree surgery and hedge cutting to recognise that dead branches represent a problem. Naturally, the more dead branches a tree has, the bigger the issue at hand. While one or two may indicate a tree only needs pruning, excessive dead branches can mean it is losing nutrients and, potentially, dying.


If you have any doubts, always seek a second opinion from qualified tree surgeons. At K. Shepherd & Son, we have worked in all manner of situations with dying trees and those that have recovered from worrying situations. If your tree represents too large a risk to people and property in Godalming, we perform the necessary felling. You can rest assured, by using as much of your tree as possible for firewood, nothing will go to waste.


Visible Roots


Before you become too concerned, it’s common and perfectly fine for trees to show some visible roots. However, if you have noticeably more roots on the surface than normal, it might point to a tree struggling to secure its position. A tree lacking in  deep roots has increased vulnerability to weather damage, especially in bad conditions. In a strong storm, it can even be torn from the ground.


Be it stump grinding, hedge cutting or any other tree surgery service, we always prioritise safety. We will perform an inspection of any suspect trees at your property in Godalming. If the case represents a significant risk, we will suggest the most effective solution. Our tree surgeons always utilise tree felling as a last resort. In fact, our firewood sales demonstrate how much we dislike seeing nature go to waste.


Cracks or Cavities


If you have a tree that develops cracks or cavities, you should contact K. Shepherd & Son for an inspection. These features often indicate structural damage that can worsen with time. This leads to much more serious issues like splitting. Other signs that show your tree is suffering include missing bark, cracks and small splits.


If you’re concerned about the safety of a tree on your Godalming premises, you must never undertake felling on your own. For your own safety, leave it to experienced tree surgeons. With unmatched skill and knowledge in stump grinding, hedge cutting and many other tree surgery services, we resolve unsafe situations swiftly and effectively. Our seasoned logs also cover all your firewood needs too.


Call 01483 428956 or 07860 698655 to talk over options for your own bespoke tree surgery services in Godalming.

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