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Tree Surgeons in Haslemere | How to Maintain Healthy Trees

Whilst many may have wanted to fell a tree at certain points, our tree surgeons only perform such drastic work as a last resort. It is highly unlikely that a reputable tree surgery company would fell a tree that is an inconvenience. For a tree to be felled, it must represent a genuine risk to people and property. Common examples include diseased or storm-damaged trees. At K. Shepherd & Son, we serve Haslemere with stump grinding, hedge cutting, firewood sales and much more. With our unrivalled expertise, we assess the condition of a tree and advise on how to return it to good health.

However, your trees don’t need to be in a critical condition for you to learn how to maintain them properly. In fact, adopting good habits drastically reduces your need for tree surgeons in the near future.

For an insight into the quality of our tree surgery services, including stump grinding and hedge cutting, please visit the Portfolio page. As with our firewood deliveries, our company happily visits locations throughout Haslemere and the surrounding areas.

Maintaining Healthy Trees

Watch Where You Dig

Root systems can extend up to three times as far as the branches. Even if you diligently plan and execute digging or excavation work in your garden, you may still disturb the plant by mistake. The most likely cause of damage in domestic environments derives from garden landscaping projects and construction work.

Mulch Regularly

By applying shredded bark, wood chips, straw and other biodegradable mulch around your tree’s base, you provide numerous benefits. Chief among these is helping to keep the soil moist, which is especially important during dry periods.

K. Shepherd & Son generates mulching materials during stump grinding, hedge cutting and other tree surgery procedures in and around Haslemere. While our tree surgeons usually use most of this to backfill the hole created, we still have plenty available to use at other premises. Please talk to a member of our team to discuss delivery of mulch or our firewood options.

Be Careful While Mowing

If you have a tree in your garden, care must be taken whilst mowing the grass around its base. Making contact with the bark of the mowing blade, you create scratches and gouges that weaken the plant. The same applies if you decide to undertake your own hedge cutting. Much like a cut on the skin, exposed bark poses an increased risk to infection and disease.

If you think your tree has become diseased, please call us on 01483 428 956 or 07860 698 655. We will arrange for one of our tree surgeons will visit your Haslemere property to undertake an inspection, and if necessary, recommend tree surgery services as appropriate.

Don’t Water Trees Too Much

While trees need water to grow and thrive, you may not be aware that they can also be over-watered, which could cause significant damage. Drenching the soil around a tree can starve it of oxygen. Conversely, soil shouldn’t be allowed to dry out completely, but it’s also worth remembering that most moisture gets stored below the surface.

At K. Shepherd & Son, we provide customer-focused tree surgery services as second nature. Be it hedge cutting, stump grinding or firewood deliveries, our tree surgeons share your passion for protecting and enhancing Haslemere’s natural spaces.

Call 01483 428 956 or 07860 698 655 to take your first step toward trusted tree surgery in Haslemere. Our tree surgeons share over 60 years of trade experience.