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Benefits of Hiring Professional Tree Surgeons in Leatherhead

Known also as arborists, tree surgeons are certified specialists who look after individual trees and groups of trees. They have in-depth knowledge about different tree species and how to care for them, as well as the relevant equipment needed to carry out essential tree surgery, hedge cutting or stump grinding work safely. There are many benefits to hiring a professional tree surgeon for tree care, hedge work or firewood supplies in Leatherhead, some of which we have listed on this page.



5 Reasons to Hire Tree Surgery Experts


1. Experience and equipment

To provide the best care for trees, an in-depth understanding of them, a range of equipment and the most up-to-date working skills are all needed. By hiring experienced, qualified tree surgeons you will be investing in a high level of care for your trees, from experts who can quickly identify tree species and diseases, as well as have the tools and knowledge required to accomplish such skilled work.


2. Safe working practices

Tree and hedge care work is a highly dangerous business and safety and security is an essential part of training for any tree surgeon. Whether carrying out tree surgery, hedge cutting, stump grinding or making firewood, any reputable tree surgeon in Leatherhead will follow strict Health & Safety policies. This is vital to ensure the safety of people, property and the environment in the area.


3. Quality of workmanship

You will not be able to get the same level of workmanship without hiring professional tree surgeons. Care, attention-to-detail and quality comes with years of experience and training, requiring an in-depth understanding of the profession. Arborists often receive jobs by word of mouth and customer testimonials, meaning it is vital to their business to provide services of the highest quality to build a good reputation.


4. Additional services

Many tree surgery experts will also specialise in additional, similar services so can help with a range of other requirements at your Leatherhead property. From performing hedge cutting or stump grinding to clearing sites or supplying sustainably-sourced firewood, you can have a range of work completed all at once.


5. Tidy and reputable

When hiring reputable tree surgeons, they will provide a clean-up service once the work has been complete and leave your property tidy. Professional companies such as our own in Leatherhead, are equipped with efficient equipment such as cranes, chippers and mulchers, to clear your property quickly and effectively.



Why Choose K Shepherd & Son Tree Surgeons?


K Shepherd & Son is a family-run business offering professional tree surgery, stump grinding and hedge cutting services for customers in Leatherhead and the surrounding areas. Our team of fully qualified tree surgeons has over 60 years of experience in the industry and a passion for high-quality tree care. We have the skills, equipment and resources to undertake jobs of any size, from delivering firewood to your home to carrying out tree felling for commercial woodlands. Contact us for free, competitively priced quotations.


Call K Shepherd & Son today on 01483 428956 or 07860 698655, for tree surgery, stump grinding, hedge cutting or firewood in Leatherhead.

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