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Hedge Cutting in Woking | What is the Best Time of Year to Prune a Tree?

How much TLC do your plants receive during the winter months? If it’s somewhere between none and very little, you may want to reconsider your approach. Yes, most plants are dormant during the colder weather but, much like our tree surgeons, you can still find plenty of useful jobs to do. As a time-served tree surgery specialising in stump grinding, hedge cutting and much more, we happily provide gardening tips while working at locations across Woking.


Whether it’s firewood supply, crown work or any of our other tree surgery services, K. Shepherd & Son puts your satisfaction at the heart of everything we do. As such, we have looked below at one of the most common questions we receive.


For an insight into our customer-focused approach in Woking and the neighbouring areas, please read our testimonials.


When Should I Prune my Trees and Shrubs?


Generally speaking, the best time for work like pruning or hedge cutting is between late autumn and winter. This gives an approximate window of November to February. Of course, plants lose their leaves during this period, so it’s much easier to see which branches you want to remove or trim back. Needless to say, our tree surgeons undertake other services like stump grinding and tree felling, as well as firewood sales, year-round in the Woking area.


Because most of your plants are dormant at this time, you won’t interrupt their growth by carrying out these basic tree surgery procedures. In fact, you will only encourage fresh and healthy shoots to grow in the following spring.


Please note, pruning and hedge cutting may decrease your plants’ size for a while, but this action ensures bushier and bigger regrowth than ever before when the weather warms up.


Our own tree surgeons recommend pruning between the end of January and mid-February. Naturally, we have Britain’s (and Woking’s) unpredictable weather to contend with, so we avoid waiting until after this timeframe. This is primarily to protect against a warm March.


When it comes to pruning and protecting your plants for the upcoming season before the warm weather hits, you should always play it safe.


As with our stump grinding, firewood sales and other tree surgery services, you can carry out a small prune, trim or cut at any time of year. There’s nothing wrong with cutting back a stray branch or one that’s growing in a direction you don’t want. The only caveat is you won’t see much, if any, new growth when compared with pre-spring work.


Extra Considerations for Hedge Cutting


When it comes to hedge cutting in Woking or any other location, you must take into account the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. As outlined in Section 1, it is an offence to knowingly damage, destroy or take the active nest of a wild bird. This extends to injuring, killing or taking adult birds or chicks and destroying eggs.


Our tree surgeons undertake hedge cutting between March and August to avoid the breeding season for nesting birds. Most other tree surgery services can 100% rule out the presence of an active nest, so they remain unaffected.


From stump grinding after felling a tree to firewood sales, K. Shepherd & Son offers advice, guidance and, most importantly, outstanding results in every aspect of arboriculture services.


Call 01483 428956 or 07860 698655 to discuss your own personal needs for hedge cutting and tree surgery services in the Woking area.

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